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Manage Your Journey to Heaven

App Features

Track and review of your journey to heaven. Going to heaven should involve careful planning, management, execution review and improvement. 

Discipleship Training

Become a mature disciple of Jesus. Our app pairs you with a mature teacher to guide you in discipleship.

Good Deeds

A platform that actually encourages tracks and rewards doing good!

Church & Bible Study

Provides access to local and home churches and bibles studies.

Recognition & Rewards

Everything you do and record into the platform will be tracked, recognized publicly if you wish and rewarded in many possible ways including financial.

Jobs & Resumes

Post jobs and resumes, Hire workers. Find a career.

Online University

Our expert review and certification program can serve your recognition requirements.



Get in on the ground floor. Launch your online store.


Manage Journey to Heaven

“There’s an app for that”

Yes we all need help getting to heaven! Technology is a compliment and for many a primary source of social engagement, news, information, shopping work and more. Mow there is an app that you can do all of that and get your friends saved while you build treasure in Heaven

Souls Saved

Help save millions

Churches Planted

Help plant churches world wide

Good deeds done

Good deeds done

Help be a force of good for the world

Rewards Given

Millions in rewards given